Confidentiality Agreement

It is very important for Palace Deluxe Resort Hotel to protect private information of our esteemed guests; therefore we show maximum effort while using your information for you. If, you get wrong data due to any reason despite that, please immediately contact the Managers of Venezia Palace Deluxe Resort Hotel for us to take necessary action.

In accordance with our security procedures, your private information provided through web is acquired by administrator computers restricted with special IP filters and the information is presented to the related departments of our hotel which will serve you on need to know basis.


Venezia Palace Deluxe Resort Hotel aims to protect your Private Information and show maximum effort and any technical and administrative precautions and measures to protect your private information against unauthorized access, use or modification.

Venezia Palace Deluxe Resort Hotel never requests your credit card information in any case through mail or any form (except SSL screens).

We consider the importance of using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for collecting and transferring sensitive information such as credit card details.

We protect your information as mentioned in the following.

- We restrict access to your Private Information. Your information will be accessed only by the  staff who need to reach you for providing goods and services.

- We protect your Private Information by means of terminals with special access clearances where every entry/exit is monitored.

- We protect your private information we control from the Administration Console through private passwords and IP restrictions.


Our services we provide our esteemed guests sharing their personal contact details with us by subscribing in Venezia Palace Deluxe Resort Hotel Website and filling in Reservation, contact, career and other similar forms are briefly listed below.

1. They will be automatically registered in the Database to be established through Loyalty Card application.

2. They will be notified firstly for the Bulletins, Informatory Notes and Various Campaigns of Venezia Palace Deluxe Resort Hotel.


No link is provided to other websites in anyway through the website of Venezia Oalace Deluxe Resort Hotel.

Anyone visited our website, contacted Venezia Palace Deluxe Resort Hotel through various forms or by phone or anyone who requested to be notified is subjected to these Confidentiality Principles and the Agreements for Conditions of Use and they are deemed to accept the contents of these documents in advance.

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